Terri.E | Sex Intimacy & Pleasure Coach | Bodyworker
Terri.E | Sex Intimacy & Pleasure Coach | Bodyworker
Sex, Intimacy & Pleasure Coach | Bodyworker

sex, intimacy & pleasure coach / bodyworker


stay curious


Pleasure is fundamental to our well-being


What to expect


I will support you to get curious about your pleasure. I will safely guide you to let go of limiting habits and patterns and assist you in opening to new pathways of arousal, desire, intimacy and connection, with yourself and others.

Through working with a client led approach, I will empower you to feel and communicate your desires. I will support you to discover boundaries and ensure that you take full responsibility for your experience.

Through this process you will learn about what your body likes and what opens your body to feel more pleasure. You may be surprised at where your simple curiosity of what is possible can take you. 


Feel more alive, connected, radiant and joyful.